SCSSM – steel city soundsystem movement from eliot on Vimeo.

the STEEL CITY SOUND SYSTEM MOVEMENT is a performance and intervention. it has arisen from a lecture of lukas feireiss @ the space & design appartment / university of art and design linz and gets evolved by the lovely SCSSM-crew.

on the one hand it is meant to give life to different urban spaces and non-places, and on the other hand to break down cultural barriers through artistic methods. established negative connotations of traditional and folksy appearances and behaviors should be broken down and mixed up. also the musical part of the project is a cultural melting pot – the jamaican roots of the soundsystem get mashed up with elements of traditional and contemporary upper austrian sound culture.

music is the link through cultures and venues and is held in high esteem – so the SCSSM hopes to be an impulse for further openness in the minds of people of diverse cultural and national backgrounds, in the sense of appreciation of ones own roots as well as tolerance and respect towards other cultures.

the video is my capture of this great project, where I was involved especially by making the mix-tape for the procession, picking the right kind of sounds in general and to enable a retrospektive visual representation through moving and stativ images.