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Lives and works in Linz/ Austria. Roland von der Aist intruduced himself to the public with a very own sound including various elements from electronic and acoustic music. Like only a few other artists he found a way to clearly position himself without restricting to any artificial rules. Together with a strong surrounding of innovative artists he is called a hopeful part of the Austrian media-arts scene. Roland von der Aist was born as Roland Bindreiter in 1975 in Weitersfelden, a small village in Upper-Austria. In an early age he already found his interests in the first kinds of electronic music, that reached him from far away. He established contact to people in foreign countries and soon began traveling to the countries of origin of his musical roots. At the same time in his home-country a group of young creative people arose and later became the backlab collective. Von der Aists first projects were heavily influenced by his own background but came to the attention of a supra-regional audience for the first time. Very successful were his cooperations with other artists like the live-soundtracks to the films of his friend and mentor John Tylo, modern revision of classic folk-songs with the well-known violin-player Gotthard Wagner, works with Werner Puntigam, or with Andy Korg and Aka Tell as A. G. Trio (fm4 soundpark band of the year 2010) as well as with a lot of artists from the backlab collective, that was co-founded by him. His Performances were part of clubs and music-events as well as of art- and cultural projects and vernisVages (Albertinum Dresden/Gerhard Richter Vernissage, Ars Electronica, Brucknerhaus Linz, Hygienemuseum Dresden..) in Austria and foreign countries. His cooperations with the german artists and organizer Holger John (Vernissage Gerhard Richter) and his engagement in cultural politics perfect the picture of an ambitious member of the Austrian music-scene
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