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The Future Sound #60 pres.:

LV (Brownswood) live
Toju Kae (Neopren Records) live
Abby Lee Tee dj

LV (Brownswood) live
South London duo LV, made up of Simon Williams and Will Horrocks have been at the forefront of UK electronic productions since 2007, beginning their musical endeavours together around 2000 while at university . Formerly a trio, including Okzharp, LV have again and again shown an inventive flare for distinctly unique sounds. LV have also in the past worked on a side project named SwamiMillion, through which they experimented with improvisation and unpredictability via their love of hip hop grooves.
‘Ancient Mechanisms’ is the fourth album by globetrotting London production duo LV. It traces a train of thought that was sparked by a live session with Tigran Hamasyan for Gilles’ radio show back in 2012: two and a half years down the line and a trip to Belgium later, the finished record is as much about the workings of musical artefacts as it is about putting the virtuoso pianist into new contexts.
Anyone who heard the Maida Vale session or LV’s remix of Road Song by Tigran will know how exciting it was to hear delicate jazz musicality at play with UK-tinged dance rhythms. Their collaboration gained LV & Tigran the Worldwide award for Best Live Session in 2014 and laid the foundation for LV’s forth-coming debut album on Brownswood, ‘Ancient Mechanisms’.

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