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News TMP-015d – Irradiation – Black-Body Radiation – Remixes: Milton Bradley, mes., Digilog – Previews – june 13th juno exclusive


Black-Body Radiation

Black-Body Radiation is the first result of a long lasting
musical developmental process, in which technoproducer
Irradiation has carved out her definition of
advanced electronic music based on the formulae of

Thematically, the music resulting from this process also
presents an aesthetic comment on problems and notions
of modern physics, as indicated by the titles.
But the reference to physics also indicates what Irradiation’s
music is all about: the abstraction, layering and
symmetry-breaking of techno’s basic formulae.
Nevertheless the transformation of the Future Sound of
Detroit is not negotiated in a dry and unaffected way.
Irradiation remains faithful to techno’s fundamental aim
of evoking grand emotions, although the release doesn’t
aim at provoking hysteric euphoria. The prevailing mood
of her music is more a kind of hypnotic, tense and
mysterious serenity.

Finally, the remixes by Milton Bradley, Mes. and Digilog
are perfectly positioned in the musical framework delimited
by Irradiation, complementing an confident and
highly autonomous aesthetic statement.

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Autor: Irradiation und TEMP~Records
Veröffentlicht: 02.06.2014

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Irradiation | Mes. | TEMP~Records