Event Pirates‘ Monarchy

20.04.2013, 18.00 Uhr
@ einbaumöbel (Währinger Gürtel

Backlab Artist: Electromuppets

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Burning Man ruft! Wilde Piratenparty im Stil des Festivals in der Wüste von Nevada – Kostüme, Spiele, Workshops – Feuer, Musik, Hula Hoops!

A Burning Man inspired event, following the ten principles (see link below), in particular Self Expression / Participation, Communal Effort, and Immediacy.

No spectators, only pirates and other strange creatures dressed burning man style will be admitted! It is essential that you join in the communal effort. You can perform on our stage, offer or participate in a workshop, bring food, join in our pirates‘ games in a delirious costume, or help with decoration. Any kind of Self Expression or Gifting is welcome.

Line up

line up:
1x live: electromuppets
1x generaLoco
1x ma::rius
1x gogo
1x risamasala