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Event temp~est -> with heartthrob live!

@ Fluc Wanne

Backlab Artist: Temp~records

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heartthrob (m-nus)
endlich in wien!!!!!!

digilog (temp~)
funke (pocketbeats)
romancer (pocketbeats)

anna blume (aber records)

heartthrob —>
currently one of the brightest stars in the minus firmament, heart throb aka jesse siminski
has arrived on the scene with a fresh new take on the minimal sound. it’s not just his ear for a killer riff that
makes him such an exciting prospect it’s also his natural ability to convey a sense of drama and humour
through his music.

there’s an infectious energy in his sound that rubs off on his audiences but it can also be heard in
his musical collaborations. heartthrob brings something new to the table – be it quirky melodic
hooks or twisted vocals – that manages to inspire those around him to even greater heights.

heartthrob describes his approach to music as “a messy ‘stream of consciousness’ daydream”.
the challenge for him is to make something unique and personal that speaks for itself,
regardless of whether it stays true to form or not.

the traditional functionality of techno music must always be present but for jesse it’s all about
taking risks
and trusting his instincts, which is why his own particular style is so varied, covering
a whole lot more than just glitches, bleeps and sound effects.

melody plays a significant roll in his work, often providing the focal point around which
the rest of the track orbits. there is also an inherent darkness to his music but just as it’s always
darkest before the dawn, there’s often an uplifting, cathartic side to it that celebrates the unified spirit
and generates such a positive vibe on the dancefloor.