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Event Discolab 04/09 Vienna

@ Venster99

Backlab Artists:
Aka Tell | Discolab | Krankypanky

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Discolab0409 Flyer front

As each month, we are going to rescue the world (Austria, at least) and make it a better place at our monthly event called DISCOLAB!

This time, we invited Masallah to Vienna and Linz, who is probably the best known Controllerism artist in Austria – so stay tuned to get rescued from you boring life! Visit us to get saved!

Lineup Friday, 10.04.09:

DJ Masallah
DJ Aka Tell (Backlab | Vienna)
DJ Krankypanky (Backlab | Vienna)

Video of Masallah doing some rocking at home – poor audio quality, but you get the vibes. For good audio quality, check out his Masallahs Myspace Page:

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